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Leaf Screen is a fantastic product we offer at Rain Guard of Tulsa Inc that protects your gutters from leaves and other common bits of debris. If you have even just a single tree near your home, you can benefit from our leaf screens.
Leaf Screens are the most basic form of gutter protection. They don’t provide a complete cure, but they will reliably keep larger leaves, sticks, bits of trash, and other items out of your gutters. They work best against trees that are approximately 15 to 20 feet from the home.

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Leaf Guard gutters are designed to prevent debris such as leaves, twigs, and pine needles from clogging the gutter system, ensuring smooth water flow and preventing water damage to the home. These innovative gutter systems feature a built-in cover or screen that allows water to enter while keeping out debris. Leaf Guard gutters come in various designs and materials, offering homeowners a hassle-free solution to gutter maintenance. With their effective debris protection and seamless integration into existing gutter systems, Leaf Guard gutters provide homeowners with peace of mind and convenience.

Homeowners can enjoy several benefits by choosing Leaf Guard gutters for their properties. The patented design of Leaf Guard gutters effectively prevents clogs caused by leaves, pine needles, and other debris, reducing the need for frequent gutter cleaning and maintenance. By maintaining clear and free-flowing gutters, Leaf Guard gutters help prevent water damage to the home’s foundation, landscaping, and exterior surfaces. Additionally, Leaf Guard gutters are available in a variety of styles and colors, allowing homeowners to choose an option that complements their home’s aesthetic while providing superior protection against debris buildup.

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